Why Managed Services?


What do we mean by Managed Services? Managed services refer to a model whereupon businesses are outsourcing all or part of their IT services, usually to take advantage of high-end technology and high-quality service. Traditionally, IT support has been based on a firefighting basis where customers would call on support when issues arise. The IT […]

Formal Business Partnership with Collate Business Systems


Sentinel Data Solutions and Collate Business Systems have announced that they have entered into a formal business partnership. Collate’s investment in Sentinel will provide the necessary impetus to propel Sentinel to becoming a leading supplier of managed IT services in the South. As part of the new collaboration, Sentinel has moved its base into Collate’s […]

Someone is learning how to take down the internet


This was written by Bruce Schneider, a noted cyber-security expert in mid-September this year. It looked prescient with the attacks last week on DNS (Dynamic Network Services), a key part of the internet address system, which caused website such as PayPal, Twitter and Netflix, as well as thousands more, to be offline or hard to […]