Hosted Desktop

If you are based in Southampton, Hosted desktop is a model of business computing which is revolutionising how IT will be deployed and supported in the future. It capitalises on the power and scalability of the Cloud to deliver all the IT applications and services that a business requires in a reliable, cost effective and above all secure fashion.

In a hosted desktop environment, end users have access to ALL the same programs and applications that they did previously with an identical personalised interface. The key difference is that where in the past, programs, files and documents have been resident on the PC itself or on a local on-premise server , the company’s applications and the end users personal definitions are all now hosted on a server (or servers) located near Southampton, Hampshire in one of Sentinel’s dedicated state of the art data centres.

  • Productivity– users can work from any location using any internet enabled device and can access all their normal files and applications
  • Security – all data is held securely on a server or servers in Sentinel’s state of the art data centre
  • Cost reduction – this is a fully managed solution that eliminates the need for businesses to keep updating and re-licensing software and upgrading hardware. Furthermore, customers will save on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint
  • Predictability – the  hosted  desktop solution is subject to a fixed monthly charged based on the numbers of users being supported and the applications being used. This means that the company will have full visibility and predictability in terms of its future IT costs
  • Scalability – Sentinel’s hosted desktop solution is modular in nature which means that customers can select the specific services that apply to them. Customers have the ability to “flex” the service should there be any unanticipated increase or decrease in user numbers. Such changes can be implemented in moments and additional applications added to the hosted desktop service at no extra charge. We will also update software applications to the latest versions as part of your hosted desktop package
  • Business continuity – Sentinel’s robust data backup and replication regime ensures that in the event of a disaster your business can continue as normal
  • IT support – Sentinel will become your outsourced IT department and you will no longer have to worry about software updates, replacing outdated hardware and dealing with day-to-day IT issues.

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