Cloud Services

While nearly everyone has heard of the terms “cloud services” or “cloud computing”, not all business owners truly understand whether this approach is right for them and what the potential benefits are.  Sentinel’s expert team can help to de-mystify this and advise and guide you on how to implement an appropriate cloud- based strategy.

Microsoft 365

For many businesses their first real exposure to the cloud will be a migration to Microsoft Office 365.   Sentinel can design and manage this process ensuring that you fully capitalise on the potential benefits including:

  • Access to email and MS Office programs from any location and any internet enabled device
  • Easy and efficient collaboration between colleagues who need to share, edit and view the latest version of documents
  • Automatic access to the latest Microsoft technology without having to uninstall and install programs and pay additional license fees
  • Low predictable monthly subscription fees removing the need to pay large up- front license charges
  • Built-in sophisticated security features which are being continually enhanced

Cloud back-up services

Sentinel can also provide a fully managed Cloud Back up service. Deploying a robust data back up regime is vital for any business.  Traditional approaches are often time consuming and overly dependent on human intervention, still leaving your data vulnerable to fire, theft or hardware failure.  Implementing a sustainable, scalable cloud- based solution will radically reduce the number of incidents associated with backing up your vital business data. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of recovering and restoring data swiftly once a problem has arisen.

Key features include:

  • Automatic full system backups
  • Daily backup checks
  • Restore tests
  • Both file level and full system restores
  • High level security with 256-bit encryption
  • Easily adjustable required space
  • All on a flexible monthly contract

Keeping a backup of your data in the cloud means it is safe from any potential disaster which could hit your premises including fire, flood or theft.  In addition, if the system becomes infected with a virus or any malware or if a file becomes corrupted it is possible to recover the most recent clean copy of the affected file even if is not discovered until some time later. 

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