New Ways of Working

Against a backdrop of Brexit and the relaxing of Covid restrictions, do we all really need to rush back to the office?

Is your business ahead of the curve when it comes to flexible working and the associated technologies?

 What are these new ways of working?


Remote working

Employees who were previously office-based now work elsewhere. During lockdown, many employees were remote working at home. But as lockdown eases it might also be coffee shops, libraries, a customer office, or a shift to hybrid working.


Flexible working

Employees are allowed to work at the times that best suit them.

This might be done remotely or in the office.


Hybrid working

Employees who were previously office-based now have some choice about where and when they work. Some days they will be office based. But other days they will be working remotely.


Dynamic working

Combines the attributes of flexible and hybrid working by giving people the tools, permission, and trust to work wherever, whenever and however they’re happiest and most productive.

New working policies, digital delivery of services and use of big data — are set to shape the future of UK organisations.

Organisations have proved they can survive, even thrive, when employees are empowered to do their job in a much more flexible way.

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