Cloud Security Handbook

In today’s digital landscape, where businesses rely heavily on cloud computing for storage, processing, and communication, ensuring robust security measures is paramount. Cloud IT security involves protecting data, applications, and infrastructure hosted in the cloud from various threats such as cyberattacks, data breaches, and unauthorized access. This handbook serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding, […]

Do small businesses need cyber security?

If you are a small business owner you may think that you don’t really need cyber security…after all it isn’t as if you have millions of pounds to steal and you are not holding customer’s national insurance numbers or credit card details, so you won’t be a target for cyber criminals. If you have been […]

The Benefits of Hosted Cloud Desktops


Hosted cloud desktops, also known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), offer several benefits for businesses and individuals. Here are some key advantages of using hosted cloud desktops: No 1. Flexibility and Scalability: Hosted cloud desktops provide flexibility in terms of accessing your desktop environment from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. This […]

Top 5 Small Business Cyber Security Threats


According to the Federation of Small Businesses small firms suffer 10,000 cyber-attacks every day and cybercrime costs the small business community billions of pounds a year. Many small business owners push cyber security to the bottom of a long list of things they must deal with, thinking that larger businesses are the main target for […]

Traditional IT Versus Cloud Computing

We all know that having IT that works efficiently is essential for every business in the modern world. Technology has actually been an integral part of most businesses for at least 40 years, but in the last 10 years the options have expanded and since Covid the IT needs of business have got even more […]

New Ways of Working

Against a backdrop of Brexit and the relaxing of Covid restrictions, do we all really need to rush back to the office? Is your business ahead of the curve when it comes to flexible working and the associated technologies?  What are these new ways of working? Remote working Employees who were previously office-based now work elsewhere. […]