54-mile charity hike across rural Perthshire

On the 8 – 9 June 2024, CS Group & Sentinel are taking on the Cateran Yomp. A 54-mile hike in 24 hours across rural Perthshire. It’s going to be tough but it will raise vital funds for the Army Benevolent Fund, providing a lifetime of support to soldiers, veterans and their immediate families. A […]

It’s time to address your soaring energy costs!

Hosted Desktop vs Traditional on Premise Solution Average cost savings when embracing Sentinels Thin Client and Hosted Desktop Solution with Hosted Business Server. This is based on a 10-user business using desktop PCs and an on-premise business server over the period of a year. At time of writing the average energy costs in the UK […]

Why Managed Services?


What do we mean by Managed Services? Managed services refer to a model whereupon businesses are outsourcing all or part of their IT services, usually to take advantage of high-end technology and high-quality service. Traditionally, IT support has been based on a firefighting basis where customers would call on support when issues arise. The IT […]

Formal Business Partnership with Collate Business Systems


Sentinel Data Solutions and Collate Business Systems have announced that they have entered into a formal business partnership. Collate’s investment in Sentinel will provide the necessary impetus to propel Sentinel to becoming a leading supplier of managed IT services in the South. As part of the new collaboration, Sentinel has moved its base into Collate’s […]

Someone is learning how to take down the internet


This was written by Bruce Schneider, a noted cyber-security expert in mid-September this year. It looked prescient with the attacks last week on DNS (Dynamic Network Services), a key part of the internet address system, which caused website such as PayPal, Twitter and Netflix, as well as thousands more, to be offline or hard to […]